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The menu doesn't show.
Please enable JavaScript with your browser, and the menu will show.
If you don't wish to use JavaScript, you can use the sitemap instead. You will find the symbol for the sitemap at the top of the page, or as a link in the bottom line of each page. Just click and navigate with the help of the sitemap.

I'm looking for a specific topic.
Use the website search. You find the symbol for the website search at the top of each page, or a link in the bottom line of each page. There is a help link on the search page, which gives you the directions for use.

There are two different arrow symbols on some pages. What is their function?
This arrow takes you to the top of the page, generally to the table of contents.
This arrow takes you back to the last page you visited.

I have a question concerning this website, which is not answered in the FaQs.
If it’s a technical issue, please send an e-mail to the webmaster. If it relates to the content of the page, please send an e-mail to the editor.

I am having difficulties with reading the texts, the type size seems to be too small for my monitor.
Most of the browsers allow you to enlarge the text size, e.g. Internet Explorer: click on "view" on the menu, select "text size" and then select "larger".

The sub-menu appears in the wrong place, so I can't use it.
This can happen when you have changed the size of your browser window. Just start again from the HOME  page.



Bulletin of the SEAA



How can I publish a report (review etc.) in the Bulletin?
Just send it by e-mail to the editor. You will find the instructions for authors on the contributions page.

What are the pros publishing my report (review etc.) on the SEAA-web?
The Bulletin of the SEAA is dedicated not to full length academic essays, but to smaller contributions of various types, which may not be placed meaningfully in peer-reviewed academic journal, but are welcome here.
This section offers space for field reports, research project outlines, book reviews, museum roundups, site descriptions, reflections on various issues in East Asian archaeology, or whatever you feel is worth sharing with your colleagues and the interested public.
This section offers a means of publication also for the upcoming generation of academics.
Your contribution is published within a relatively short time span, and it will therefore quickly reach an interested and competent audience.
Your contribution is definitely placed in a location dedicated to East Asian archaeology. You're reaching your audience!
The Bulletin of the SEAA will have its own ISSN number. Your report (review etc.) appears in an internationally acknowledged periodical.
At the end of each year there will be a PDF-file including all Reports and Reviews with pagination to download.


Members' Area and Password



How can I get a password for the Members' Area?
You have to be member of SEAA. After submitting the membership subscription form and paying your membership fee, you will receive an e-mail with your password from the editor. 

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
Send an e-mail to the editor and you will get your password in return.

My password doesn't work anymore?
The SEAA webmaster gives out new passwords to SEAA members every year. So maybe you forgot to pay your membership fee (or we forgot to send you a new password). Please check your membership with the treasurer, or, in the latter case, send an e-mail to the editor.

Can I create my own password?
No and yes. You can't create a password instead of the given one directly on your PC. But if you insist on having your own password, just send an e-mail with your old and new password to the webmaster, who will change the password for you.

Do I have to log in again in the Members' Area after I visited other sections, or even left the SEAA-web to browse other sites in the internet?
No. You're logged in as long as your browser is open, and you are online. You only have to log in once, say a day, when you want to use the Members' Area.





Who can be member of SEAA?
Membership is eligible for any individual, professional, or non-professional, interested in the archaeology of East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, and adjacent areas).

How much is the membership fee?
The annual membership fee is 13 pounds sterling, for students, unemployed and retired 7 pounds sterling.

How can I register for SEAA?
Please fill in the membership subscription form and send it to the treasurer. Use the PayPal form for the payment (in case it doesn't work from your side, please contact the treasurer).

What are the pros of being a member of SEAA?
You can easily get into contact to other people working on or interested in East Asian Archaeology.
You get information about upcoming SEAA conferences, and you are eligible to participate.
You are welcome to contribute to the SEAA-web.
You are eligible to join the Members' Area on the SEAA-web, where you can post your profile, make public your latest achievements and projects, ask questions and discuss topics concerning East Asian archaeology or SEAA in the Forum, look up other members' profiles, get into contact, and get the latest news from the SEAA council.
You are moreover eligible to publish in the online bulletin of the SEAA, which is part of the SEAA website, and you can browse these publications three months ahead of non-members.


Contributions and Cooperation



What kind of information can I post while I am a SEAA member?
Please tell us more about yourself (e.g. fields of interest, current research projects, course of study, grants received etc.) for circulation in the Members' Area of the SEAA-Web. The Members' Area is for the use of SEAA members only, and password protected. Contributions to the Notice Board, and especially to the Bulletin are moreover very much welcome. All kinds of information concerning East Asian achaeology are qualified, such as news from museums or sites, noteworthies from universities and institutions, translations of newspaper articles, announcements of new books, upcoming events, TV shows, jobs and grants, excavation campaigns, dissertation abstracts, links to interesting websites, and (for the bulletin), research reports, project descriptions, book reviews, site descriptions, conference reports, and so forth.
Please look up the contribution guidelines first and then send an e-mail with your contribution to the editor. All authors and submitters are credited for their contributions.

What kind of information can I post while I am not a SEAA member?
Contributions from non-members are very much welcome. If you have something to share concerning upcoming events, jobs, grant, museums and exhibitions, please look up the contribution guidelines first and then send an e-mail with your contribution to the editor. All authors and submitters are credited for their contributions.

How can I post my information?
Please look up the contribution guidelines first and then send an e-mail with your contribution to the editor.

Can I help working on the website?
Yes, please! We are looking for regular contributors from the different world regions, and would be glad to get you into the team. Go ahead and write a message to the editor!






What's the Forum for?
You can post questions concerning East Asian archaeology you want to discuss with (other) experts in the field, or just share your opinion about the features of the website. You can keep in contact with your colleagues, or get into contact with some new people. You can post urgent announcements, ask for addresses or contact numbers, discuss SEAA, and so forth. The Forum is for your direct use. You don't have to send e-mails to the editor.

The Forum doesn't show in the menu.
The Forum only shows when you are logged in in the Members' Area. Start from one of the pages of the Members' Area and click again on the menu, then it shows.

How can I use the Forum?
Start a new thread by using the "new contribution" form on the top page of the Forum, or contribute to one of the existing threads by using the "your reply" form, which opens together with the text message you picked out for reading. Like with many e-mail programs, the text of the message your replying to appears in the message box. You can delete it, if you like.
When starting a new thread make sure that you choose a distinctive and descriptive topic for the subject line. Otherwise it will get difficult for users finding the discussions they are interested in. 

What is the Codecheck for?
The Codecheck appears after you click on "submit" (or "absenden"). The Codecheck prevents robots from submitting spams (advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations etc.) to this Forum. Robots cannot react to the Codecheck; you can! Try to make out the four letters/numbers (captcha) and type them into the Code line and press the return key. If you make a mistake, don't worry, just try again with the next code. After you have filled in the Code correctly, your mail will be submitted.

The message I submitted doesn't show.
Please reload the Forum page (use the 'reload' button of your browser) and your message shows.

Why do German terms appear during the mail submitting process?
For the time being webmaster and editor are located in Germany, the webspace provider as well. The provider was chosen for his good terms, which meet the requirements of the website project in many ways. Unfortunately, the Forum feature does in certain parts resist the language preferences of the webmaster. We are working on that. The frames of the Forum's reply pages will be regularly transfered into English. If these problems prove to be consistent, we may consider moving the web to a different provider. Until then, relax!

What if I make a mistake in my post, I am not happy with?
Send an e-mail to the webmaster and your post will be deleted as quickly as possible.



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